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What I liked mostly about Aluminum Outdoor Designs is that when they started the job, they finished the job. A lot of contractors drag jobs on for weeks. Not so with Jorge Quintero and his team. Another good thing about Jorge is when it comes to permitting. I live on a corner lot and found out a lot of things I couldn't do. After going back in forth with the city were finally able to start the job.

It's been a year now and it's been great! 3 or 4 months ago I had a leak. Jorge came out to fix it promptly. I then found out that it was really my fault because I had allowed the gutters to get stopped up which made the water back up and puddle on the roof. I have just recently put new pavers around the pool and under the pavilion and I had PVC pipe put under the pavers and right under the downspouts of the gutters to route the water away from the structure. I was trying to figure out a way to connect the downspouts to the PVC pipe and make it look good. Jorge came out (he really didn't have to) and helped me connect. It looks great! I would definitely recommend Jorge and Aluminum Outdoor Design!

Response from the owner

Thank you Mr. Gunn for your kind words. Much appreciated.

They are thiefs give the run arounds all the time robers

Response from the owner

All these positive reviews are puzzling.. 5 weeks to install after receiving 50% deposit. The workers left debris in my pool and all over the yard. 3 weeks to return and fix faulty and 2 separate leaks in roof, only to find a 3rd leak and now going on 6 weeks still waiting for them to return and fix. Next stop - Filing a claim.

Response from the owner

Jorge was excellent from start to finish very professional and does what he says he's going to do price is very competitive and the quality of work was exceptional we are now enjoying our patio thanks to Jorge we passed inspections with no issues thank you Jorge definitely would recommend the company and Jorge

Response from the owner

Thank you Ralph for your kind review, highly appreciate it.

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Excellent work, highly recommended. My pergola was perfect and very pretty.

Excelente trabajo, súper recomendado. Mi pérgola quedó perfecta y muy bonita.

Response from the owner

Thank you so much. Glad to hear you are happy with our work.


Jorge installed our 16 foot outdoor roof quickly and so nicely this past weekend. He was very easy to work with, we expressed everything we wanted and he delivered. The best part was the quality of the work for a great price. Highly recommend! We’re now happily shaded and ready for summer.

Response from the owner

Great to hear! Enjoy :). Thank you


Aluminium Outdoor Designs did a great job of my patio screening, wonderful customer service Jorge the owner kept us informed of when he would come and quick efficient service. We would recommend this company.

Response from the owner

Thank you Victoria

Maria Gonzalez


Aluminum Outdoor Designs, LLC exceeded our expectations!!! If we could give a 10-star rating we would, they are that good! We contacted owner Jorge Quintero to give us a quote on replacing our 25 year old leaky aluminum roof. The absolute best decision we could have made was to contract with Jorge. He was on top of the project from beginning to end, keeping us informed throughout the process. The work was done ahead of schedule, all in one day; he was even onsite, supervising the project. The crew was also wonderful. They were very courteous, constantly working non-stop and extremely meticulous. We will highly recommend Jorge and Aluminum Outdoor Designs, LLC to anyone looking to upgrade or remodel their outdoor space.

Response from the owner

Maria, thank you. Your kind words mean a lot. Glad you are very satisfied.

Michelle Medina

Jorge did a great job. He has been the only person thus far that has always kept us informed about the status without us having to contact him or harass him to return our calls. His company gives great customer service and good work. Disregard the other comments. At first, we thought they pertained to him, but soon realized it was regarding another company and people confuse the name. I recommend him 100%

Response from the owner

Michelle, thank you for your kind review, it was a pleasure working for you.

Joe Batista

Horrible experience, inferior craftsmanship and the owner "Tony" should have his license revoke if not done already. They where also claiming "Alumacraft" which is a great company and when I approached them with all the issues I had they stated that this company was falsely claiming their product and they had been alerted to this already. They are also using pictures from my home which I never provide permission to do!

Response from the owner

Dear Mr. Batista, I'm sorry to hear your negative encounter with Mr. Tony Requejo, but I'm sorry to say that you have the wrong company. My name is Jorge and I'm the owner of Aluminum Outdoor Designs. The company you are referring to is Aluma Outdoor Designs, located at 12076 Miramar Parkway Miramar, Fl. 33025, also known as Mr. Tony Requejo is the owner of that company and we have no affiliation with that company. Kindly refer your complaint to Mr. Tony Requejo at (954) 399-8231. I would also refer you to your contract for the correct name and address of that company. I would also kindly ask you to reverse this negative review on my company, as you may know negative reviews can have an impression on potential clients interested in our fine service. Thank you.

Suilen Orozco

Great Customer service, very fast and reliable workers. I get to enjoy my beautiful outdoor terrace with my family. Totally recommend this company.

Jim Scrima

Ok so I posted a bad review listed above under Jim Scrima in error. The company that I was trying to rate was Aluma Outdoor Designs. PLEASE USE CAUTION don't confuse these companies as I did. The fact is that when the owner of Aluminum Outdoor designs left this partnership, his partner did not have an imagination so he tried to use a name as close to Aluminum Outdoor Designs using the name Aluma Outdoor Designs.

How creative they were. The problem is that when they make a customer unhappy, the customer calls Aluminum Outdoor Designs to complain. I thought that I was using Aluminum Outdoor Designs as they told me they were the same company. Fact they are not. After hiring Aluma to do the work they approached me and asked to be paid in CASH for the second 50%. In return they would install a cover over a piece of roof beam at my residence.

Stupid me I gave TONY one of the owners the cash thinking that his word was good. Guess what,"It's not" After about a dozen calls and explaining that we were having our wedding at the house he still did not care and refused to install or even drop off the piece that he claimed he thought was already installed.

It started out with a long delay getting the permit because they took my deposit and waited 3 weeks to submit the permit. I personally went to the Town of Davie to find that there was in fact an unnecessary delay in submitting and I spoke to the proper people to get the permit thru the channels for approval.

Bottom line when it comes to taking your money Aluma has no delays and follows promises, its after they have your money that you need to be careful. Please protect yourself and DO NOT give final payment until after you are completely done and permit signed off. Also I recommend that you call Aluminum Outdoors, Jorge is professional and follows his promises. Top notch guy. He is not like Tony at Aluma who tries to butter you up to get your money and make you believe his company is another when in fact THEY ARE NOT.

Jim Scrima

I called to get information about their product. The guy who answered the phone was in his car and could not give me a time when he could come to look at my house. His excuse was that he did not have the appointment book but they forward their calls. When I asked for product information, he could not give any answers rather he told me to look at the Web site. Poor customer service. I called a place in Miramar, FL who was professional and provided all the information and scheduled me for immediate installation.

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